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Black History Month 2023 is a momentous occasion to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of black people to British society.

The Association of Nigerian Nurses in Ireland (ANNI) and the Association of Ghanaian Nurses and Midwives in Ireland (AGNMI) invite all Black African Nurses and Midwives to the first joint Black History Month celebration in Ireland.

Theme: “*Voices of Resilience: Black Nurses Inspiring Change”*
Date: Oct 22nd 2023
Time: 5 pm
Venue: Zoom

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✅ Honouring our Root
✅ Stories of Resilience
✅ Cultural Integration for African Nurses in Ireland - Presentation
✅ Launch of Federation of African Nurses & Midwives in Ireland (FANMI), Podcast Series and Buddy System
✅ Spotlight on African Nurses in Ireland- Saluting our Sisters
✅ Networking & Entertainment
Participation is open to All.
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Registration closes October 15th, 2023
Reserve your seat and invite others

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Association of Nigerian Nurses in Ireland

ANNI partners with SCSI

Creating Sickle Cell Awareness: Calling on Healthcare Professionals, Especially Africans, to be Advocates

Understanding Sickle Cell Disease.

Sickle Cell Disease
is a genetic blood disorder that can cause severe pain, organ damage, and various complications, impacting the lives of those affected and their families. It is a condition that requires comprehensive support, awareness, and a dedicated healthcare community to provide the best care and improve the quality of life for patients. Sickle cell disease is relatively rare in Ireland compared to regions with higher prevalence, such as sub-Saharan Africa or certain parts of the Mediterranean. However, there are still individuals and families in Ireland who are affected by this genetic blood disorder. Here are some key points about sickle cell disease in Ireland:

Prevalence Sickle cell disease primarily affects people of African, African-Caribbean, and Mediterranean descent. In Ireland, it is more common among individuals with African heritage. 

Awareness and Support: The Sickle Cell Society Ireland (SCSI) is an organization dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease in Ireland. They work to raise awareness about the condition and offer resources for patients and caregivers. 

Healthcare: Even though Healthcare professionals in Ireland are trained to diagnose and manage sickle cell disease, Medical care often focuses on pain management, and preventing complications, but less actions on providing support for affected individuals. 

Genetic Counseling: Genetic counseling and testing may be offered to individuals and families with a history of sickle cell disease to assess the risk of passing the condition to future generations. 

Awareness Initiatives: Sickle Cell Awareness Month, observed in September, is an opportunity for organizations like SCSI to conduct awareness campaigns, educational events, and fundraising activities to support their mission and improve the quality of life for those living with sickle cell disease. It's important to note that while sickle cell disease is less prevalent in Ireland than in some other regions, it still impacts the lives of those affected, and efforts are made to provide appropriate person-centered care and support to individuals and families dealing with the condition. 

The Role of Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in the lives of individuals with sickle cell disease. Their expertise, empathy, and dedication can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. We call upon all healthcare professionals, especially those with African heritage who may have a deeper understanding of the disease's impact, to step forward as advocates.

How You Can Advocate for Sickle Cell Patients
1. Education: Stay informed about the latest developments in sickle cell research, treatment, and management. Share this knowledge with your peers and patients.
2. Raise Awareness: Use your platform to raise awareness about sickle cell disease. Share educational materials, participate in community events, and engage with the public to dispel myths and misconceptions.
3. Patient Support: Offer your support to sickle cell patients by providing personalized care, access to resources, and a compassionate ear to listen to their concerns. 
4. Advocacy: Get involved in advocacy efforts at local and national levels to promote policies that benefit sickle cell patients and their families. 
5. Collaboration: Collaborate with organizations like ANNI and the Sickle Cell Society Ireland to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise in the fight against sickle cell disease. 

**Join the Movement** By becoming an active advocate for sickle cell patients, healthcare professionals can contribute to a brighter future for those affected by this challenging condition. We invite you to join us in creating Sickle Cell Awareness this September and beyond.

About Sickle Cell Society Ireland 
Sickle Cell Society Ireland (SCSI) is the Official Umbrella organization for all sickle cell support groups in Ireland. It is a patient and parent-led NGO Organisation working at local, regional, national, and European Union levels. Sickle Cell Society Ireland is a dedicated organization working tirelessly to provide support, education, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease in Ireland.

For more information, please contact: